May 1990

During the Potato Trader’s Congress, on the proposal of André Martin, a motion was passed to merge the

– The National Union of Potato and Onion Commercial Agents and

– The National Union of Potato Brokers,

with the objective to defend the interests of contracts between producers and sellers. The new Syndicate then took the name of the National Syndicate of Potato and Onion Intermediary traders. The union now [L1] included 26 companies, whereby Francis Vaquié was elected president.

In 1995

The syndicate became the National Syndicate of Potato, Fruits and Vegetable Brokers, otherwise known as the SNCPT.

The SNCPT is a member organization of the National Interprofessional Potato Committee (CNIPT), with two members of the SNCPT permanently sitting on its Board of Directors.

The SNCPT has also been recognized by the National Federation of Potato and Onion Trade Unions, known as FEDEPOM, and sits on its Board of Directors.

During its General Assembly meeting held on 3rd May 2005, Mr. Yves Roussineau was elected Chairman.

In 2015

The SNCPT joined the French Federation of Commodity Broker Syndicates  (FFSCM), becoming an integral part of the French potato industry.